Self Guided Program


Teacher Guided

Right for those who want to acquire the needed credits for graduation and college entrance.

Self Guided

Right for those who want to work on their own at their own pace.

Designed for home-bound & homeschooled students or anyone of any age who wants to learn about the Basics of Art.

Art Basics Course is an in-depth practical art course with 100’s of hours of tasks giving a complete introduction to the practice and theory of art for high school age students. These well-respected distance learning art courses are progressive, offering much more than stand-alone art courses. Courses are built on a scaffold design.

Innovative Learning

Innovative Learning

The Art Basics Course vision for visual arts education is based on the concept that the arts are an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. The quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth experiences through a meaningful, sequential study in visual arts.
A comprehensive visual arts education engages learners in developing self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success.  The skills and technical qualities involved in creating, recreating, and interpreting works in the fine arts provide for lifelong appreciation. Our vision is that all Art Basics Course students will engage in visual arts at a deeply enriching level for them, their families and their communities.

Teacher Guided Program

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The first thing we will cover is the absolute basics of what it take to create an art composition.

The art elements are the ingredients of an art composition and design principles the building blocks of art compositions.

Each lesson builds on the previous lessons so I recommend they be taken in succession.

Art Elements and Design Principles
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Materials & Techniques


You will learn about a variety of art mediums & materials as well as techniques & skills.

These lecture and studio based art courses are professionally designed and classroom tested.

They include a series of lesson for introducing the basics of art.

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Art has always played an important role in society — even in the earliest ancient river valley civilizations.
But for anyone who is unfamiliar with the art world, its importance may not be immediately obvious.
Studying the history of art can teach us more than just who painted what when.
It can reveal important truths about political movements, cultural values and human nature.
As the practice, techniques and appreciation of art has changed over time, so have we.

Art Basics Course embeds Art History & Art Criticism throughout our courses.

Art History and Art Criticism
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Do you have what it takes to be a Fashion Designer, Architect, or Graphic Designer?

Art Basics Course will help familiarize students to career possibilities in visual arts and to begin to explore the value of such careers.

Students will research and explore types of visual arts careers.
Students will discover what it would be like to work in each career.
Students will explain why they would or would not want to work in each of these careers.

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Art Basics Course does not affiliate with or support any faith, church, or religion.
Our students come from a variety of religious and political backgrounds.
We remain neutral and build a safe environment where students are free to be themselves and share their ideas and beliefs in respectful ways.
When it comes to divisive issues, we coach students to seek first to understand, and then to be understood.

We Are Non-Sectarian
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